Air Jordan 4 Black Gold Blue Prohibited
Air Jordan 4 Black Gold Blue Prohibited

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We all know that black and red color of the Air Jordan 1 was banned 31 years ago. But is that true? Air Jordan 1 is a pair of the beginning of the sale of a variety of color matching the mysterious boots, in order to obtain the historical development and evolution of the brand, we must trace the source.
With the development of things, if he is determined to wear a pair of black and red color of the Nike basketball shoes, Michael Jordan each may or will be fined 5,000 US dollars, which can be used as 2011 forbidden to wear Air Jordan 1 High evidence. NBA to develop each of the "wearing uniform rules" that,
"Athletes should not only wear sports shoes and uniform shoes, but also wear shoes with his teammates unification.
At that time, black and red color shoes than the simple black and white color shoes more maverick. In other words, the first year as NBA president David Stern "to prohibit the shoes into the stadium (to throw them out of the stadium.) Although Nike paid a ticket, but the legend continues to wear the same as MJ shoes like the development. Do you sound familiar to this story?
This is a letter from Russ Granik, executive vice president of NBA, to Nike's vice president, Rob Strasser, who said that Michael Jordan's pair of Nike basketball shoes, which he wore around October 18, 1984, violated league rules and procedures.
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